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Stock # Description Unit Sizes Price Per Gal. Total
Cost / Container
32001 Synthetic Cutting Creme. Most popular general purpose compound in the industry. Pink in color. Non-silicone compound for clear coats. 6 gal. per case $23.05 $138.30
32601 "600" Cutting Compound. Alkaline pH. White in color. More aggressive than Synthetic Cutting Creme. 6 gal. per case $23.05 $138.30
32701 Soft Cut. Excellent for removing fine scratches. For light buffing tasks. Silicone free. Larger abrasives than Synthetic Cutting Creme. 6 gal. per case $23.05 $138.30
32801 Red Ball. A heavy-duty rubbing compound. Alkaline pH. Brown in color. 6 gal. per case $23.05 $138.30
33201 #9 Bristol Compound. Buffs to a high gloss. Ideal for detail shops. 6 gal. per case $23.05 $138.30
ECC-1 East Clean-up Cutter. Non-staining. Brown in color. 6 gal. per case $23.05 $138.30

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