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Stock # Description Unit Sizes Price Per Gal. Total
Cost / Case
31701 Film "Polish" Clearer. Most popular polish in the industry. Use with C-17 or 747 pads. One pad will do 20-25 cars. Swirless. Works well with foam pads. Light blue in color. 6 gal. per case $20.95 $125.70
31801 Phase II Wax Creme. Industry Standard. Contains wax. Excellent for buffing all types of paint. Use with C-17 or 747 pads. Swirless. Foam pads not recommended. Seal with Insulator III for maximum durability. Orange in color. 6 gal. per case $24.70 $148.20
32501 Reviver. Similar to Phase II. Better cleaning ability. Well accepted in marketplace. Brown/Maroon in color. 6 gal. per case $24.70 $148.20
81501 Old Reliable Polish. Medium-duty cleaner/polish for use in reconditioning shops. Tan in color. 6 gal. per case $16.75 $100.50
AS-01 Anti-Static Showroom Polish. Anti-static formulation. Neutralizes surface electricity. 6 gal. per case $13.85 $83.10
FP-32 Final Phase. Body Shop Material. Non-silicone hand glaze designed for high shine in no time. 12 qts. per case $17.80
MP-32 Metal Polish. High quality product that cleans and polishes. 12 qts. per case $31.45
MR-1 Mag Rag Re-Usable Metal Polishing Cloth.     $2.10ea
P1-32 Phase I. Body Shop Material. Non-silicone machine glaze designed to remove swirls. 12 qts. per case $17.80
SR3-01 SRIII. Sealer/Wax Color Brightener. Performs best with SW-9 pads. 6 gal. per case $20.95 $125.70
UWA-01 U WAX II. Removes light oxidation and brightens the finish. Performs well with foam pads. 6 gal. per case $24.70 $148.20

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